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Damian’s Quality Products Sweeten your Sales

Our Quality Products

Since we began the company in 2001, Damian’s Wholesale Ice Cream has been servicing customers throughout the Southeast to distribute ice cream products from the best brands in the industry. The quality of the products we provide has been one of the keys to our success. We’ve partnered with the top selling names known all over the country. In fact, we’re a preferred distributor for Unilever, the parent company for Ben & Jerry’s and Good Humor brands and hold the sole territory rights extending from Pensacola to Gainesville.

We know that the brands that we offer are a selling point in itself. We proudly offer:

· Ben & Jerry’s

· Klondike

· Good Humor

· Popsicle

· Breyers

· Magnum

· Talenti

We stand on both our premium brand offerings and our customer service. We know how much our customers value good products. And we know that without good customer service, we can’t get our products to you so that you can meet the needs of your shoppers. We strive to be excellent in every facet of our business – starting on day one of our partnership with you.

Get a Taste of Our Dedication

We use our expertise to merchandise products to showcase them to all customers to elevate your sales. We’ll work with you to determine what product lines will best suit your market. Our Pre-Salesmen will maintain a well-stocked inventory and suggest any new items.

At Damian’s, we use the latest technology and tools to ensure that our process is efficient and effective. We keep your freezers operating at their best, regularly cleaned and properly maintained. We place our freezers and point of sales tools to direct traffic and bring attention to your ice creams and capture the most buyers possible. We know that tempting the eye is half the battle, so we do our best to achieve a visual experience that presents your products as the true delight they are.

Our process is one of the very things that makes us stand out. We believe our customers deserve to be given personal care and attention. We want to help you succeed, so we maintain our standards of service and quality of product to help make that goal a reality.

Stock your store with the best! Call Damian’s Wholesale Ice Cream to speak to our representatives and learn more about the brands we offer today!